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Terms and Conditions

At Jyothys, we believe that it’s essential to keep our valued customers informed about the terms of our business dealings.

We ensure that every transaction is safe and approved by both the client and the company. We only sell products that have successfully completed the required quality and safety inspections.

Please note that product returns are not accepted. Due to their consumable nature and restricted lifespan, millets and turmeric cannot be returned. Before the item or products are dispatched, cancellations must be handled by the customer. Please be mindful that we are unable to accommodate cancellation requests made after shipping.

If the consumer gives us the wrong address and the delivery fails, we won’t be held responsible. If an incorrect address results in a failed delivery attempt, the customer will be charged for the order and will not receive a refund.

We are not under the complete control of the carriers. We disclaim all responsibility for mistakes in management, improper handling of the goods, or carrier-related delays.

At Jyothys, we accept suggestions from our customers on how we may better serve them and will always make an effort to give you value for your money. Our staff are dedicated to increasing customer satisfaction and engagement. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions at any moment (as long as our agents are available to answer them) and we will do all we can to earn your trust and optimize our services per the needs of our customers.

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